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To the cadets

State Police College offers to acquire education in two education programs:

1) the vocational education program "Police Work" with the qualification - Rank and file police officer  (training duration of 1 year);

2) 1st level professional higher education program "Police work” with an expert work specializing, investigative work, criminal police work and order police work (the study duration 2.5 years).

Vocational training program for the theoretical training lasts for 17 weeks in the 1st  semester and 10 weeks in the 2nd  semester (generally from September to the end of March first decade). After the theoretical training follows qualification field practice for 12 weeks, returning from which is a 1-week complex training (the practical applications of theory) in the State Police College and training ground. In the end of the vocational program cadets pass centralized professional qualification exam and acquires qualification - " Rank and file police officer." After successful graduating Vocational training program,  a graduate, can get a higher education continuing further studies in 1st level higher professional education program “Police work” offered by  State Police College.

In the 1st level higher professional education program I semester lasts 20 weeks with the theoretical studies (from October to the third decade of February), then 1 week is session. In the II semester, theoretical studies last 18 weeks, which are followed by 4 weeks of field practice in the territorial police departments. Returning from the practice for 3 weeks is theoretical training and 1 week of complex training followed within 1 week session. At the end of the study year students are having the annual paid leave of 30 calendar days.