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Crime Prevention and Combating 2009
with the financial support of the Crime Prevention and Combating programme of the European Commission Directorate of Rights, Freedom and Security

State Police College is implementing the Project
„Strengthening of the Cross Border Police Cooperation Capacities in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland” 

State Police and State Police College as the cooperation partner in June, 2010 have started to implement international Project  JLS/2009/ISEC/FP/C2-4000000555 „Strengthening of the Cross Border Police Cooperation Capacities in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland” in the framework of the programme „Crime Prevention and Combating 2009”.

The aim of the Project:
to contribute to the security of European Union by strengthening the capacities of police officers in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in order to implement the provisions of the Schengen acquis and Prum decision on cross-border cooperation.

Project activities:

In total 679 participants will take part in the Project (46 - in conferences and 633 – in trainings).

I) 2 conferences will be held during the Project: (1) Opening conference and (2) Closing conference

II) In total 42 trainings (4 types of trainings) will be performed:

1) 15 practical trainings on joint patrol for close-border police officers;

2) 15 practical trans-border joint hot pursuit trainings for close-border police officers;

3) 3 practical trans-border surveillance joint trainings for intelligence police officers;

4) 9 English language trainings for the LT, LV and PL police managers.

III) 5 training common curricula (joint patrol training, joint patrol training, hot pursuit training and English language training).

IV) 2 practical bilateral police cooperation handbooks will be worked out.

Duration of the Project: 36 months
Project implementation team in Latvia:

Project coordinator Zane Balode,
the Director of State Police College,
phone No.: +371 67146284,

Project coordinator’s assistant Kristīne Kuzņecova,
Senior trainer of the Police Law Department
of State Police College
phone No. : 46301,





„Equipment of State Police College Regional Classrooms”

Contract Nr. LV0038 

Project duration

July 17, 2008 – December 31, 2009.

Expenses  € 294 118 

The aim of the project: 

        To equip the regional classrooms of the State Police College, purchasing modern equipment, for more effective training of State Police officers on the Schengen matters

·         Target group – 32 police officers and employees: 19 females, 13 males 

Collaboration partner: 

  • State Police

Main activities:

1.      Project management

2.       Purchase of the equipment (technologies and software provision)

3.      Personnel training

4.      Publicity






„Competence Raising of the State Police College Teachers in Successful Use of IT”

Contract Nr. 2006/0053/VPD1/ESF/PIAA/05/APK/ 

Project duration

March 05, 2007. – February 29,2008. 

Expenses Ls 49 991  

The aim of the project: 

  • To educate teachers of the State Police College in the field of IT and e-studies, to promote skills in use of intelligence possibilities

Target group – 16 teachers: 9 females, 7 males 

Collaboration partners: 

  • State Police
  • Distance Education Centre of Riga Technical University 

Main activities:

  1. Project management
  2. EKD modelling
  3. Development of  the system of e – studies environment and support
  4. Development of the encouraging and support of e – studies participants
  5. Use of e – study methods in development of study course contents
  6. Technologies for studies in work place
  7. Support of IT for collaborative studies
  8. Basic skills in IT for e-studies learner
  9. Development of the study course
  10. Evaluation of the e – courses and quality control
  11. Result evaluation and final report


„Development of the State Police mentoring system to improve the practice quality in regions”

The aim of the project „Development of the State Police mentoring system to improve the practice quality in regions” is to create the mentoring system in the State Police to improve the field practice quality for State Police College (SPC) Police School, which is the only basic vocational educational institution, cadets.

To reach the aim, following activities will be carried out:

1.     qualified mentors from 6 regions of Latvia will be trained,

2.     teaching aids for mentors will be improved,

3.     the quality of SPC Police School cadets field practise organization and process will be facilitated.

Setting up the mentoring system for SPC Police School cadets for better field practice organization and process will provide a major innovation in the organization of police work. Mentors will be reluctant to provide direct support for the new police officers in practice, which has so far not been given the necessary attention.

In SPC Police school will be prepared mentors, giving them the skills that are directly related to the practical skills and the most recent legislation, thereby contributing their competence, bringing together human characteristic in particular of technical training and professional training to acquire social skills, readiness to act in a team, initiative and risk preparedness.

Providing regions with a highly qualified mentors, who through their knowledge will be able to support quality field practice conduct to SPC Police School cadets, will be achieved the project overall objective: to increase the competitiveness of young professionals and the quality of the labour market.

Mentors education is planned to integrate the EU's seminars organized jointly with colleagues in other countries, SPC Police School teachers’ knowledge and skills that are adapted to the Latvian legislation, to move towards common EU goals of police work.

Thus, SPC Police school in perspective could become a mentor counselling centre to coordinate the package of measures to ensure the good management practices for the organization, to be an efficient instrument for supporting innovative activities and the multiplier effect is achieved in the project.

As the result of activities the educational development funds will be linked and they will promote not only the skills to know, but also the skills to do.

The total project budget is LVL 8494.71, of which 75% is financed by the European Union. The project is financed within the framework of the ESF 3rd priority 2nd step 6th activity  3rd sub-activity (Support to field practise realization for the professional education and higher education students). The project is administered by the State Agency for Vocational Education Development.