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International Organizations


 AEPC - The Association of European Police Colleges  
 The targets of the Association of European Police Colleges, using the college network is to improve cooperation and coordination among national police colleges, to promote best practices and dissemination of research knowledge, encourage even more students, teachers and police officers in the practical experiences of mutual exchange and assist Eastern European countries police colleges in support of the common forms of training.

 IPA - International Police Association

 International Police Association is aimed at national and international level to promote social and cultural activities that bring prestige of the police, to develop professional training for police officers and ethical education, promoting formation of friendly contacts between members of all branches within the IPA.

 CEPOL - European Police College

 CEPOL was founded on December 22, 2000 with the European Union Council decision. In accordance with Council Decision 1st Article CEPOL is a network of training, which was founded to bring together national training institutions to provide training in high-level management of police officers in EU Member States. The aim of CEPOL is to provide further vocational training.