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About us



 On 22nd May 2008 Council of Higher Education unanimously decided to grant program accreditation for 6 years to the State Police College as an institution of higher education and open-ended accreditation to the authority.

 According to the order Nr.521 of the Cabinet on 13th July, 2006 the State Police College was established, providing that it is the educational institution under the authority of the State Police. The College's mission is to train police officers for professional service in the national police, according to the requirements and order of the State Police, as well as the implementation of the State Police staff professional development system in conjunction with the course of future progress.

 State Police College conducts licensed 1st level professional higher education program, while maintaining the previously acquired professional education and continuity by providing specialization in line with the State police.

 State Police College offers to acquire a profession of the medium commanding police officer, supported by appropriate specialization. Qualification meets the acquisition of the 4th level qualifications and professional standards.

In the State Police College also train police officers to the police service in the Vocational Education Program "Police Work", with qualification – rank and file police officer.