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Vocational program

State Police College is implementing licensed and accredited vocational education program „Police work” (the term year 2015) with the qualification – rank and file police officer. The aim of the program is to train qualified and professional specialists for State Police.

The overall aims of the vocational education program:

  • to train to work singly;
  • to take responsibility for the work results;
  • to use advanced experience and work methods in the professional activities;
  • to gain, evaluate, classify and use information significant in professional sphere.

The specific aims of the vocational education program are to gain knowledge and skills:

  • in maintaining public order;
  • having knowledge about requirements prescribed in regulative and legislative documents;
  • tactically correct organization of the police work;
  • in detaining criminals;
  • in use of tactical methods of attack parry and defence;
  • in giving first aid;
  • in use of firearms and special means;
  • in use of communication and technical means.

Training duration is one year (theoretical education 29 weeks; practical training (field practice) – 12 weeks). After the field practise there is one week combined training (use of theoretical knowledge and practical skills).

At the end of the training program cadets must pass qualification examination which consists of theoretical and practical tasks. In the theoretical part is the test consisting of questions covering professional knowledge. The practical part include skills in giving first aid, forensic techniques and methods, shooting and attack parry and defence tactics.

After the finishing vocational education program there is a possibility to continue studies in the 1st level professional higher education program „Police work” in the State Police College, in any University or improve professional knowledge and skills in different professional development courses.