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The studies

State Police College of the Ministry of the Interior of LR is the educational institution under the authority of State Police, which offers to acquire  education in following  educational programmes:

1)      Vocational education program “Police work”, with the qualification Rank and file police officer – duration 1 year (theoretical education 29 weeks; practical training (field practice) – 12 weeks). After the field practice there is one week combined training (use of theoretical knowledge and practical skills). At the end of the training program cadets must pass qualification examination which consists of theoretical and practical tasks. In the theoretical part is the test consisting of questions covering professional knowledge. The practical part include skills in giving first aid, forensic techniques and methods, shooting and attack parry and defence tactics.  After the finishing vocational education program there is a possibility to continue studies in the 1st level Professional higher education program „Police work” in the State Police College.

2) 1st level professional higher education program "Police work" (full and part-time studies) with the qualification Medium commanding police officer. Study duration in full time studies 2.5 years (5 semesters); part time studies – 3 years (6 semesters). The amount of the 1st level professional higher education program "Police work" is 112 CP. The Program offers 4 specializations: Expert; Investigation; Criminal police work; Order police work one of which is chosen at the beginning of the 3rd semester (for full time studies) and 4th semester (for part time studies). At the end of each semester there is an examination period which is one to three weeks long.