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Social guarantees during the study process

During the study course the cadets are guaranteed to get the follwing:

1.      position salary in the amount foreseen by the state,

2.      floor-space in the service hotel,

3.      food in the canteen,

4.      State police uniform,

5.      in case of child birth 6 position salaries paid at a time,

6.       any Police employee has the right to place her or his children in a pre-school institution out of order, as well as all the advantages foreseen by the law,

7.      holiday support {once a year when having a leave} in the salary amount,

8.      if a policeman has been killed when doing his service duty, his or her heirs at law are paid a lump-sum grant in the amount of 50,000Ls,

9.      police employee who has been dismissed from the service due to his disability or vocational disease, is preserving all advantages and guarantees foreseen by the law.