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More often asked questions and their replies.

This division allows to see the more often questions and replies to them. If you wish to ask your own questions, write to: koledzakoledza.vp.gov.lv

Question: Shall I be allowed to work in the State Police after finishing SPC?

 Answer: Yes, after successful finishing of the studies you will be provided a work place exactly in that board of the State Police, which you had handed your documents in, when entering SPC police school. If with time you are willing to be working in another board, it will be possible in case that you will not be provided a further work place. Then you will have to look for it yourself. During the studies you already will be considered to be a State Police employee, therefore you will be receiving a position salary and an allowance, that expenditure for your dwelling in the office hotel and for your nourishment will be counted from, but you will be getting the rest of the money for your personal spending.

 Question: Is it necessary to pay for the studies in the SPC?

 Answer: No, it is not . As it was stated before, you will be receiving a salary while studying in the SPC.

 Question: Is also extraordinary studying in the SPC possible?

 Answer: Unfortunately, it is not for the time being.

 Question: If I want to be working in the State Police, is studying in the SPC compulsory first?

 Answer: It is not compulsory. You can be working in the State Police also after having finished for example Latvian Police Academy or some other higher school