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Students board

Students' Board (hereinafter referred to as SB) is the State Police College (hereinafter referred to as SPC) students' self-governing body. It has a legislative issue of right of initiative SPC Board.

The staff of the State Police College Students Board:


The main tasks of the Students Board

SPC students represent the internal life of state and public organizations, international movement.

To fight students own hands and represent their interests in academic, financial and cultural life matters in SPC and other state bodies and public organizations.

Turn to various government and municipal authorities, with suggestions and requests from the students' behalf.

Defending SPC students' rights.
Promote SPC education level and prestige.
Collaborate with other students' organizations.


The rights of the Students Board

SB has the rights to request and receive information from any department of the SPC of the departments supervised by all the issues that affect students' interests.

SPC Students Board has veto power on matters affecting their studies with related interests. After blocking the application, issue a conciliation commission established by the SPC Board on the basis of parity.

SB has the right to participation in SPC decision-making institutions.
SB members are entitled to participate as observers in tests and examinations.
SB delegates students to SPC Board.