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State Police College Board

The Board of State Police College, (hereinafter - the Board) is the college staff collegial decision-making body for education and research matters. Board decisions are recommendatory in nature. Board is composed of 15 members: College Director; the deputy of College director; six academic and two general staff representatives; two students' self-government representatives; three State Police Commissioners. The Board is appointed by the State Police Chief. Council's term of office is three years.

The main tasks of the Board are:

  • to approve educational programs and develop proposals for new educational programs;
  • to approve the detailed rules of enrolment;
  • to confirm the trends of applied research;
  • to make proposals on the college departments of creation, reorganization and dissolution;
  • to consider and coordinate college’s public reports;
  • to adopt the College Director's annual report;
  • to support and promote students' self-government activities that also confirm the students' self-government regulations.
  • Board shall establish rules and prepare them for submission to the approval of the State Police Chief;
  • raises the question of the college name or legal status change;
  • approve the provision of a study and examination procedure for the college;
  • approve the regulations on academic and administrative posts of college and the election procedure in these positions;
  • review and approve design of the college flag, coat of arms and emblems;
  • develop college’s regulations and amendments to them;
  • approve the methodological commission rules of the Sate Police College,;
  • examine other issues in accordance with college regulations which are under the Board jurisdiction.